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Colt's Fundrasier

We are so happy to team up with Colt's mom this year! She has decided to fundraise for colt & for our nonprofit. All the proceeds that she raises will go directly to our foundation and help us buy medical equipment for kiddos in need! Help them reach their goal this year! 

Colt's Story 

At 17 weeks pregnant, I went to my anatomy scan (alone due to covid) where they told me, “Your son has Spina Bifida and his brain is missing his cavum and his corpus callosum. Your son will never walk. He will be cognitively impaired. He may not be able to breathe on his own. He may not be able to turn his body. He may not be able to communicate his thoughts, wants or needs…” We were strongly encouraged to consider fetal surgery, or to terminate our very wanted pregnancy.We prayed and prayed to qualify for fetal surgery, because they made it sound like it would be his best chance. After 5 weeks of testing and imagine, we were denied fetal surgery because his brain was in too good of condition and a better mobility prognosis was not worth the risk. After a while, we decided that a hospital that seemed to have little optimism was not the hospital we wanted to help us bring this boy into the world. We wanted a hospital that was filled with hope and a hospital who helped these children thrive. That is when we found CHOP. We found a neurosurgeon and a team that truly believed that our son could achieve his wildest dreams.On February 25th 2021, Colt was born with Spina Bifida open myelomeningocele at his L5 vertebrae through his sacrum. He received a post-natal closure and two more subsequent closures due to an unusual reaction to the stitching but he hasn’t needed surgery in over a year!Fast forward to today, Colt is the light of mine, his dad and his big brother’s lives! He is a sleeping champion, is obsessed with secretly feeding his dogs under the dinner table, he is so loved by his friends and teachers at his pre-school where he loves zooming down the hallway and through the gymnasium on their ride-on toys (he’s got the fastest legs in town), bath-time and swimming are his favorite actives, and outdoor time always brings a smile to his face. Colt is bright, silly and so incredibly sweet. Colt get’s physical therapy approximately once a week and occupational therapy about two-three times a month and he is crushing his goals. Just recently, Colt was gifted a walker from a fellow mama of another kiddo with SB and it completely changed his life! He is able to keep up when friends are over and zoom across the house to get where he wants to go. He has gotten so much stronger since being gifted this freedom! Every October for Spina Bifida Awareness month, I vowed to myself to help other families in the community. Last year, Colt raised $2,500 for CHOP’s Spina Bifida Program. This year, we want to fundraise through selling shirts and tumblers in addition to monetary donations that will go directly towards mobility equipment for families of kids with Spina Bifida who may not be able to otherwise afford it. We want to see other kids with Spina Bifida smile the way that Colt did when he realized how much freedom this tool provides to him.