How to donate & Where does your money go?

Your donation helps us put smiles on kiddos faces!!


Each and every donation that is given is appreciated and goes right to a kiddo in need. Because of your donations, we are able to donate a large sum of money to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, on a regular basis. Our latest donation was $5,000!


We donate to the Children’s Hospital as well as to individual families in need of supplies for there kids with Spina Bifida. We fundraise during events year round but we do not stop there. We want to reach every kid with Spina Bifida, to show them love and assure them that they are not fighting alone. 


If you wish to donate, please do so through the donate button below or mail checks to 311 12th Street Duncansville, Pa 16635. 

You do NOT need a PayPal account to donate